Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photobook and DVD Set Update

To everyone who preordered a Photobook/DVD Set! Finally, after 6 months of painstaking labor and thinking and rethinking and laying out and editing and writing text and choosing photos and editing photos and editing text and organizing and reorganizing (and touring), the photobook is finished and has been sent to the printing press.

And after 2 AND A HALF YEARS OF UTTER HELL the DVDs will be finally finalized in the next week and will be sent off immediately upon completion. The DVDs take less time than the books so it will all be ok. The hand made covers are in the process of being hand made.

SO! Depending on the production process, barring any weird delays or fuckups, we should have a finished product in hand in about 2 weeks. A liiiiittle bit behind schedule but still pretty good.

And then we will ship them to you IMMEDIATELY!

So, sit tight. It's almost finished.

And hold off on the Paypal disputes, cause if you win, someone else will get your book dummy!

Don't worry. It's even cooler than I thought it would be and it's definitely worth the wait.

Oh yeah, we sold just over 500.
I can't believe it.