Monday, August 24, 2009

Try Niaspan

MP3 of da week

In addition to this being our web presence I've decided to turn it into an MP3 blog too to facilitate the downfall of the music industry and art as a "commodity" in general. Only in complete worthlessness can we star anew. With that said we will be ripping the top 5 most expensive albums at Best Buy each week and posting them on torrents under the name B-Bois and also leaking our own album, Desperate Living, as a disc image with 1000 alternate artworks attached as PDF files in one big RAR file tomorrow at midnight in a surprise timezone. You will have to download an unzipping app such as WinRAR and Adobe Reader to view the 1000 alternate artwork files. Hidden in the binary of one of the files is a secret 1000 digit code and if you send it to us first we will send you a free copy of the MP3 of the Week. Every time someone downloads the torrent we are going to hit our musical instruments one time with a hammer to further hasten the crippling of our artistic career.

Anyway today's MP3 of the week is called "I'm Your Lady". It boasts a tight and understated rhythm section bearing the emotional load of the cascading synthesizer sweeps and recurring guitar lead, all underneath the masterful and spine tingling vocal work of Celine Dion. This song is very heart-wrenching and comes off my "90s INSANE MIX" on my broken ipod. This is not a joke even in the smallest way. You can find it by searching for "I'm your lady celine dion torrent".

We will chat with you

Please join Nathan, David, and Daniel for a nice chat. They will be chatting at tomorrow at 4pm PST. You need a username so be creative like Daniel (DONGBUTTER) or Nathan (9546516912.023).

We can chat about anything, including how we got to be such big fags (NAture, or NURture????).

We need a new bass player who already knows all our songs perfectly and isn't "excited" to go on tour. The ideal applicant will make it so we don't even have to do anything, including email you back. You just show up and integrate seemlessly without even saying anything. No housing provided. No snoring.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fate or Destiny?

The budget for our tour poster was $13.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



New capabilities in our web presence

We now have the power to post instant updates from our cellular telephones or computers by text message or email to our blog, which is made into a feed through FeedBurner, and then formatted to html according to our style specifications via BuzzBoost. Now we have the most technologically advanced website updating system in the world.

Also we can post pictures taken by our telephones.
Testing texting