Monday, August 24, 2009

We will chat with you

Please join Nathan, David, and Daniel for a nice chat. They will be chatting at tomorrow at 4pm PST. You need a username so be creative like Daniel (DONGBUTTER) or Nathan (9546516912.023).

We can chat about anything, including how we got to be such big fags (NAture, or NURture????).

We need a new bass player who already knows all our songs perfectly and isn't "excited" to go on tour. The ideal applicant will make it so we don't even have to do anything, including email you back. You just show up and integrate seemlessly without even saying anything. No housing provided. No snoring.

1 comment:

  1. I'm pretty good at guitar, which is just bass without dumb thick strings. I know music theory and shit. I have about $4000 dollars from savings and of graduation money from graduating from high school and also tuition money that my mom gave me to help pay for college. I can learn all your songs on bass within a week or two and use the previously mentioned money to fly to LA and live somewhere for a little while. I would prefer to not get any kind of real job ever.

    Tell me if this works out for you. I'll fucking do it. Fuck college. Fuck college.