Thursday, August 12, 2010

Book Update

We are proofing. This takes much longer than expected cause we want everything to be absolutely perfect! Basically we are making sure what we designed on a computer prints out the way we want it to, so it's a big back and forth process with the printer. This next proof should be our final proof and we should get it at the beginning of next week. Once it's approved then we can print the actual pages. This is about a 4-5 day job. The handmade covers are almost all done being handmade. Then the books will be bound. That will be another 3-4 (business) days. The DVDs are going to duplication early next week. That's a two week turnaround with the quality control we are having done. Then we need to do some more hand stuff and finally mail them out to you. So it is looking like 2-3 weeks until that point!!!! Don't be sad. When you get them you will be happy B)