Friday, October 16, 2009

Yet Another Thought Provoking Review...

Thanks babe!


  1. Obviously the album was not for him. Since when were you guys "space rock" to be compared with the likes of Muse and The Flaming Lips?

  2. Just read that faggots review.
    wanted to also post my response on here in case they remove it for being too 'real'

    posted 10/20/09 @ 12:07 PM MST

    Christina, you ignorant slut.

    You truly gave new meaning to 'FAIL'. If you actually did your job, listened to the album and knew anything about 'genre-bending' then I think you'd agree that mixing a highly respected piano genius (Valentina Lisitsa) with an album you describe as 'screaming, buzzing and overly-aggressive' (Desperate Living) actually DOES fit your 'genre-bending' BS thesis......

    Here's a fucking quarter....
    Phone home and tell all your 'pals' about the 'nonsensical, juvenile and forgettable' review you gave on that horse band featuring Weird Al Yankovic and that dude from The Simpsons.

    woaaaah, now THATS genre-bending.

  3. Personally I like you guise's music and even though I haven't given you a drop of jewgold i still listen to yall on a daily basis.

    That guy's a fag.

  4. She needs a FLAP in the BOX!!

    Fuck em all