Sunday, December 13, 2009

New DVD - 48 Hours in Ukraine

Hello everyone. We have completed a new DVD entitled "We Flooded It and There's Yoghurt Everywhere AKA 48 Hours in Ukraine". This feature-length DVD chronicles the 48 hours spent in Ukraine on Earth Tour 2008, as well as the drive to Ukraine and the flight out to Belarus.

It is the most important and honest musical documentary ever made by the most relevant band of all time.

It also serves as a sneak peak at the 15-hour epic "Earth Tour 2008" DVD box set we will be releasing Spring 2010. It is the perfect holiday present for all of your friends and family.

Here is the preview/ The preview is the greatest thing we have ever made:

The DVD will be available at all Hot Topics in the coming week and is also available at shows and on our very soon.


  1. I have the Ukraine DVD right here beside me, but it's finals week and I promised my girfriend I'd watch it with her first. Fuck. I can say, though, that after just seeing this PREVIEW I am now FIFTY BILLION TIMES more excited for the Earth Tour DVD release.

  2. yesterday the dvd came in the mail. i had been waiting since december 16th to get it. when i saw the dvd on the table i shit my pants and called everyone to watch it. it was the BEST FCKIN MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. thankyou so much for making my life worth living, i cannot wait for the rest of the earth tour, then my life will be complete.