Monday, February 8, 2010

HORSE the band Reigns in Africa Tour

hahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaa

HORSE the band Reigns in Africa Tour

YES, a Toto reference turned into a spelling joke with a tri-fold meaning.

We are touring Africa. Not just two fly-in shows in South Africa. We are driving around the whole country for 17 days bitch. We are playing 12 shows. We are playing in Mozambique. The dates are posted.

As primarily 15-48 year-old Americans, you probably don't even know where Mozambique is. It is possibly not even a real place. But we are touring there, and people will be at the show.

Here is a useful link for you:

This link is more useful:

No AIDS jokes. Too predictable

We will not be doing any press for this tour. Actually, we are never going to do any press ever again.

Feels lonely... having no peers. No one's living at the top. No one's at the fucking bottom.

T-shirt ideas for tour:
Meet me in Mozambique. (Circa Survive joke shirt)
I'm in Maputo bitch. (I'm in Miami Bitch joke shirt)

We are very excited and grateful for this experience.


  1. we are also very excited and grateful for this experience!

  2. you are officially crossing the last remaining continent off your earth tour, seriously you are the best band ever, i really hope you can make it to mexico this year, buen viaje amigos.

    - dm

  3. Why so selfish, Daniel? Why not the whole continent of Latin America?
    Geez, I wont stop bothering you until you hit my country (Panama) and my close neighboors in one of your tours.
    We've been waiting for you for 2 years now, don't let us down.

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