Tuesday, February 1, 2011

...then came winter's bitterness

the horse a band will congregate once more to push its self further towards a state of permanent mental sub retardation and also to perform music that will be misunderstood.


Our DIY film that took 3 years to make, about our self-booked 45 country tour (featuring footage from 45 countries)(basically this generation's Get in the Van)(the most honest look at touring ever created), wasn't accepted by "South By Southwest" Film Festival, a film festival specializing in "independent music".


the numbness swept down from the East...


  1. Texans. Fuck 'em. Insert an 'X' into your festival's abbreviation, why don't you. That will make it cool for the kids. Why don't you neglect the letter 'B' some more, you inconsiderate fucks.

  2. Maybe you should have labeled it "most honest look at touring ever created" so they wouldn't have needed to make up their own mind what it was.

  3. that's dumb. see you at emo's.

  4. maybe that is your path... DB has not abandoned you.