Monday, January 19, 2015

Instagram Contest

Instagram Contest Details!
Here's what you have to do:
  1. Follow us on Instagram @unofficialhorsetheband
  2. Post a selfie with your tickets to our show in LA, or an email with your payment confirmation, or a hand drawn illustration with orange marker, representing your tickets (or representing the tickets you WISH you had).
  3. Make sure to @ mention @unofficialhorsetheband on your post
  4. Your entry entitles you to 12 Friendship Points (FP). You can distribute FP among any songs in our catalog, to express your desire to hear said song, live in concert. You can also trade in 5 FP for one Love Unit (LU). Each LU represents an even stronger feeling of affinity to a song, as Love > Friendship. Alternatively, you can trade in 2 FP for one Measure of Anti-Niacin (MAN). Each MAN represents a level of aversion to a song that you find disagreeable to your sensibilities. Point allocations are to be presented in the body of your Instagram post. All entries will be fed into our Niacintology Engine (or SniacinceBot, as we like to call him), and our patented algorithm will compute the optimal set list to maximize utility of all fans' Friendship vs. Anti-Niacin Profile. 
  5. Mathematical errors in the point allocation will void your entry into the Niacintology Engine, but will not invalidate your entry into the overall contest.
  6. Prizes! All submissions will be entered into a random drawing, 3 winners will be selected. Prizes are relics from the HORSE the band Heritage Collection of Memorabilia.


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