Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee

I just got our new CD at practice. I hadn't heard it mastered yet or not in shitty mp3 form. Now it is in my stereo.

I guess I will just tell you what I honestly think, something a band is never supposed to do.

This album is by far the best thing we have ever made. Without these songs the band would have broken up last year instead of recording another album. There was no point to keep going besides delaying the onset of "reality" even further and crippling ourselves with even more debt, straining relationships past breaking points and continuing to live in embarrassing situations. We came back because we had something to offer that we felt there was a lack of. That feeling was absent on our last album. We were going through the motions of being a "metal band" in the United States of America, trying to impress technically and "mature" and trying to get on package tours with horrible bands for some reason. A while after the album came out we were dead and we knew it. It got to the point that we hated being on the road. We went around the world to escape the monotony and came back fucking broke, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We came back different.

This record is so many things. Anyone who says this CD sounds like "Nintendo bleeps and bloops" or "more of the same" is fucking mentally retarded. That is an indisputable fact, if you can't hear it you should stop listening to music, because you have no idea what the fuck is going on. This is still HORSE the band but overflowing with emotion, desperation, fear, pain, glory, excitement, and joy. This album is alive, something larger than just sound has been captured. That is the objective truth. There's no point tiptoeing around it. It was easy to write, every song came naturally, we were able to mold sound to our every whim, create real emotion, not just try to create what we thought emotion sounded like. To weave sadness and aching and jubilation. If you want to hear us at our highest point this is the record.

Listen to this album loud, listen to it in the dark, don't listen to it with shitty earbuds, don't listen to mp3s of it, don't listen to it with the windows open in your car on the freeway (until you know the songs then it's ok to blast it), don't download this album without lyrics, don't be a fucking idiot and think that what has happened in the last 10 years is progress. It is shit and it won't last. The "underground" is a joke now, the new underground won't be about genres, it will be comprised of people who truly appreciate any type of music vs. the masses of people downloading shit and listening to shit recordings of shit bands with shit lyrics and liking them for a max of 4 months before moving on to the next garbage.

Sit in your bed and read the lyrics along to the songs (Nathan has truly outdone himself, and most everyone else in recent memory for that matter) and let yourself go away somewhere else. Embrace your desperation and fear. Feel your insignificance. Think of how many people are alive in the world at the same time, think of how many have lived and died, how huge the universe is and how small a part anyone plays. Be devastated. Then feel ok. That is what the album is for.

Haha anyway after all that talk, I am excited and I hope you guys like it. I don't know if it's a "first listen" type of album, but I THINK it is, but if not, I think by 3rd or 4th listen everyone will be in love.


  1. I can't wait. Music lately has been a tiring, sad disappointment. Nothing, even in the so-called "underground," has been able to retain my interest for more than one listen. The only music I've been able to like recently is music I've found by turning over stones I had previously looked over. Little to no new music is good, and I believe music is dying, because its consumers are fools and the artists aren't artists. From the few songs you guys have released off this album so far, I can tell that it's going to be an intense breath of fresh air for me. I love how those songs have each been very different from one another; different feels, different sounds. Basically, I think it has a good chance of topping The Mechanical Hand as my favorite album of all time. I'm glad you're all proud of it and I can't wait to hear it.

  2. you guys are the shit. from what i've heard from DL, i think it might be my favorite CD of all time. you guys are musical purists and it shows. its just sad that music like yours gets dubbed as hardcore, nintendocore or anything-core, really and thusly you get lumped in with the devil wears pradas of the world. i seriously enjoy reading what you guys have to say about who you are as a band and what you think of the industry.

    im just sad that you aren't coming to Michigan any time soon......

    anyways, just stopping by to tell you guys how exited i am to hear your new music. i pre-ordered yours and the fall of troys new discs on the same day. this october should prove musically amazing.

    -Nathan Brandt

    also, the shapeshift video is awesome.

  3. The new album has already had a huge impact on my life. The songs have more REAL emotion packed into them than anything I have heard in years. I cannot wait for my CD to "Arrive" in the mail. I can't decide which song is my favorite, It's between The Failure of All Things, Cloudwalker, or Rape Escape. I think your philosophy on the music industry is dead on. People have truly lost a sense of pride in music and art. I'm so happy you finally told the industry to go Fuck Themselves and didn't have to kiss ass in order to get where you are today. Thank You so much for making such an amazing album and such great music. It has enriched my life.

    -Mark Stanton