Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Song Time

Our new song "Arrive" is here! Streaming only for the time being. Internet/Record Label politics...

It is about getting somewhere. Kind of. Well, that is what our friend Paul from China used to say when we got somewhere in China: "Arrive." It means "Now we are here. Let's go." Sometimes when we were trying to get somewhere for a very, very, very long time and it was hard to get there we were happy to hear Paul say it. Obviously the lyrics expand on that theme. Maybe if you try to think about them you can feel a feeling while listening to a song again, before you download another album...

When we were driving across Russia a couple of months ago in a van with no seatbelts going 100 MPH over destroyed roads with potholes, humps, and Oregon Trail-style ruts spraying gasoline everywhere and filling the van with gas vapor with a smoking-out-the-window Belarussian taxi driver with rubber bands around his biceps like the Ultimate Warrior who didn't speak English and almost bottoming out the gasoline soaked van on the asphalt (creating a 100 MPH metal and HORSE the band fireball) we had a small argument amongst ourselves over which song should close out the album. The ultimately uplifting Arrive or the ultimately devastating and awe-inspiring Rape Escape. After much discussion of the implications of ending the album with either song, we made a vow that if we survived the drive, that life must have something positive to offer in the end, even through the most degrading garbage, and we should end with Arrive. However, if we died on that drive, our feral instincts about life would be proven correct and we should close the album with Rape Escape. We sent Tim Smith our last will and testament, a tracklisting (weird that we could email in that situation... I know. But I have a Blackberry with international email plan)

Unfortunately we made it through that brush with death and were able to play our show in Jaroslavl' to the 45 people who waited 6 hours for us... in a 3000 capacity venue. It was truly an exhilarating feeling. Proof positive that life indeed has something special in store for each and every one of us.


(Oh wait! this song is about Fry Guy, the boss of world 5 in Super Mario Bros 2, and his daily routine, in general)

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