Friday, September 25, 2009

Shapeshift Video

Our video for Shapeshift is up here and here! It is very scary.

In other news those preorders where you buy our new CD really cheap and it gets to your house before it is in stores AND you get a free ticket for a CD Release show are almost sold out. In fact, some shows are ALREADY sold out!!!!!!!!!!! *

Wouldn't it suck to go to a show and not have the CD show up for free at your house from the mailman if you could have gone a show and had the CD show up for free at your house?

Wouldn't that be the stupidest thing you had ever done?

Maybe some of you smart alecs are saying, "oh, I will just download the album anyway... I know how the music industry works. chuckle chuckle, I am so smart, sitting here in my computer chair, huh huh huh fart" But your hard drive will break one day, an unrecoverable failure, you can count on that. And your house will burn down and your backup hard drive and DVDs will melt in the flames. Then where will you be? You will be alone, possibly with 3rd degree burns. (Our CD would have been under the seat of your car and not BURNT)

Also you won't get to read our lyrics and see awesome pictures we took on Earth Tour.

* of preorder packages, not tickets. Are you serious?

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